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If you have any questions concerning the teaching experience, or if you want to share with us your thoughts, your concerns or your experiences, feel free to leave a comment below.



  1. Gabriela Sandru says:

    Do you have an activity that worked well in your prep class?


    • Gabriela Sandru says:

      Vocabulary Games – Flashcards
      1. Kim’s Game (lay one card at a time on a desk/ mount on wall, etc. naming them as I display them, and keep a secret card to myself – SS shout out the correct word) in teams (I divide them in 2 / 3 teams, depending on how they are seated in class) and each correct word earns the respective team one point. I keep the score on the board.
      2. Slapping the correct word – we use plastic hammers, the kind that makes noises when you hit something. As all cards are already displayed on the board / wall, I give one volunteer from each team a hammer, invite them in front of the board and shout out a word. The quickest to hit the required word earns a point for his / her team.
      3. Behind the window – is again one of their favourite games – I pretend to be behind a window, they can see me but not hear me. I silently mouth one word from those displayed. Ss shout out the word – if they are right they earn a point for their team.


  2. Andreea Sancelean says:

    Hello! About the “Winter Festival”, is it okay if I participate with two activities (of 5 minutes each) with students from the same school? Thank you very much!


  3. Andone Silvia says:

    Hello! Can you give me some extra information about the “Winter festival”? How long the artistic moment should take? And I wonder if two teachers from the same school can work together and prepare the group which is going to reprezent the school at the festival?Thank you.


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